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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel of the Jazz Age

In The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald captures the flamboyance, the carelessness and the cruelty of the wealthy during America's Jazz Age.The Great Gatsby lives mysteriously in a luxurious Long Island mansion, playing lavish host to hundreds of people. And yet no one seems to know him or how he became so rich. He is rumoured to be everything from a German spy to a war hero. People clamour for invitations to his wild parties. But Jay Gatsby doesn't heed them. He cares for one person alone - Daisy Buchanan, the woman he has waited for all his life. Little does he know that his infatuation will lead to tragedy and end in murder.With an afterword by David Stuart Davies.

Author F. Scott Fitzgerald
ISBN 9781509826360
Format Hardback
Pages 190p.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A True Classic

A great book! The Great Gatsby, was really quite ahead of its time. Fitzgerald gives a wonderful insight into the characters with his amazing imagery. This book will make you love the 1920's era if you don't already. This book left an great impact on me as a reader and I would definitely read it again.

Reneiloe Nduna
Gatsby Deserved Better

In short, The Great Gatsby book is far superior to the movie although the movie does not let the book down. The creation of worlds in the novel is done in such a way that one is unable to distinguish if it’s the real world or Gatsby’s façade and that’s the beauty of Fitzgerald’s writing and the beauty in reading the Great Gatsby, but I think one thing everyone can agree on is that Gatsby deserved better, and it was not all a lie. Definitely worth the read.

Definitive classic

It's easy to see why this book became as revered as it did, with it's tragic tale of materialism, wealth and lust and idealism as opposed to real love, but sometimes even for the time I feel as though it comes off slightly pretentious, and it has become difficult to read as time has passed. But for the academic or more traditional reader it is an essential education in classic literature

The Great Gatsby

The great gatsby was written in 1925 by F. Scott Fitzgerald. It is the story of a young rich man, Jay Gatsby who is hopelessly in love with a married woman Daisy Buchanan a wealthy socialite from Louisville, Kentucky who resides in the fashionable town of East Egg on Long Island and is the cousin of the Narrator, Nick. The novel includes the classic love triangle that ends tragically. I highly recommend this book as I absolutely enjoyed every page of it.

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