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The Dreamcloth, by Joanne Fedler (used)

The Dreamcloth, by Joanne Fedler (used)

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When Mia was a child she told Asher that the Dreamcloth took away their nightmares. It is 1994 when Mia finally returns home. A strong-willed journalist embroiled for the last decade in ravaged conflict zones; she arrives in Johannesburg to confront a harrowing, violent human drama that has plagued her family for three generations. And hidden in her bra, close to heart, is the Dreamcloth. When Mia finally retrieved the small patchwork cloth of beads and lace from Asher, the depraved man she believes caused her father's death a decade ago, she unwittingly regained the only clue to resolving a expansive tale of wretchedness and anguish that has haunted her family for decades. The cloth, woven in the 1920s by a seamstress in a grim shtetl in Lithuania, veils the mystery of a forbidden love affair that has haunted Mia's paternal grandmother, Maya, as she fled anti-Semitic Europe and will lead Mia to a devastating truth beyond her imagining. In Mia's search to reconnect with the places and people she left behind, she journeys through her childhood as she makes sense of the injustices of her world through her relationships with her beloved father, Issey, her nanny, Sarafina, and best friend, Grace. But the first person she will have to face is her distant mother, obsessed with the roses in her perfectly manicured, northern suburbs garden.
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