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Shirley, Goodness & Mercy A Childhood Memoir (used) Chris Van Wyk

Shirley, Goodness & Mercy A Childhood Memoir (used) Chris Van Wyk

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Shirley, Goodness & Mercy is a heart-warming, yet compellingly honest story about a young boy growing up in the coloured townships of Newclare, Coronationville and Riverlea during the apartheid era.Despite Van Wyk's later becoming involved in the 'struggle', this is not a book about racial politics. Instead, it is a delightful account of one boy's special relationship with the relatives, friends and neighbours who made up his community, and of the important coping role laughter and humour played during the years he spent in bleak and dusty townships.In Shirley, Goodness & Mercy, Chris van Wyk - poet, novelist and short story writer - has created a truly remarkable work, at once both thought-provoking and vastly entertaining.

''Van Wyk's strength is to look at the world as if with the innocent eyes of a child and to convey this hopeful vision to others, to recapture the resilience of childhood so that it is not lost but continues, to shape adult existence and to fortify our collective sense of self.'
'Where it rumbles with fury, laughter comes as a release. In a phrase, it is a controlled and deliberate account, bursting with life.'
Sunday Independent

'It's the amazing sense of place and time that Van Wyk brings to his childhood memoir that raises Shirley, Goodness & Mercy a cut above many other books in this genre.'
Cape Times
Publisher: Picador Africa
Published date: 2005
Page count: 313
Dimensions: Height:20.00 cm
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