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Born a crime

Born a crime

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By (author): Trevor Noah. If my mother had one goal, it was to free my mind. My mother spoke to me like an adult. She was always telling me stories, giving me lessons, Bible lessons especially. She was big into Psalms. I had to read Psalms every day. She would quiz me on it.

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A lovely read!

Trevor Noah has always been a favourite comedian of mine. Being able to actually read his life story was incredibly eye-opening. This book exposes more layers in Noah's character than an onion. His incredibly relationship with his family, the hardships he dealt as a young bi-racial child living in Apartheid and how that influenced his perception of the world, the way he started his comic journey only for him to be host of one of the most viewed talk shows. I believe Trevor Noah is an icon in the making, if not, he already is an icon, and this book has way more evidence to prove it. One of the most witty and creative autobiographies I've had the chance to read.

Apartheid through a child's eyes

This autobiography by Trevor Noah, provides a unique perspective on apartheid times, injustices, and the difficulties people faced. The general premise of the book centers on the life of Trevor Noah and how he grew up during apartheid, being the product of a black mother and white father, he was classified as colored, during a period where it was against the law and a crime for him to exist. It gives a very vivid description and puts you in the perspective of a child experiencing what apartheid was like. Seeing it through his eyes really highlights what a harsh and oppressive time it was. This is a brilliant book and I would highly recommend it to young adults to give it a read.

Mungufeni Gazua
Born a crime

This book is highly recommended especially if you’re a Trevor Noah fan. It is well written and enjoyable. It allows one to know more about apartheid from Trevor’s perspective since his parents were from different races. Furthermore it allows one to know more about Trevor's childhood. You will definitely love the relationship between him and his mom.


A comedic take on an autobiography of his childhood and upbringing by South Africa’s very own top comedian and current The Daily Show host, Trevor Noah. If you know anything about Trevor Noah or if you have seen any of his shows, you know how his ability to share his truth with a particular comedic flair; this book is no different. Trevor Noah’s mother and grandmother are especial fan-favourites – well, my favourites. The book contains a lot of funny, sad and informational elements. Definitely worth a read.

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