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A Family Affair, by Sue Nyathi

A Family Affair, by Sue Nyathi

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Family is complicated …

Meet the Mafus, a close-knit, traditional family with three daughters. As leaders of their church, The Kingdom of God, Pastor Abraham and his wife Phumla are guiding the community of Bulawayo in faith, while trying to keep the different branches of their family intact.

Independent and feisty Xoliswa returns home, after a hiatus abroad, hoping for a fresh start and a chance to steer the family business; rebellious Yandisa has met the love of her life and is finally getting her act together; while dutiful newlywed Zandile is slowly becoming disillusioned with her happily ever after.

The Mafus always present a united front, but as their personal lives unravel, devastating secrets are revealed that threaten to tear the family apart. For how long will they be able to hide behind the façade of a picture-perfect family?

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A family affair

The Mafus family is the focus of the large, dramatic book A Family Affair, which also chronicles the lives of their three daughters, Xoliswa, Yandisa, and Zandile. With a timeline of almost ten years, Sue Nyathi provides us more than a snapshot of the lives of a family that appears flawless at first glance but has flaws like any other family.
Any woman may identify with at least one of the stories since they are so authentic and realistic.

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