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My first Book: SA Frogs Bk & Cd Tarrant Jeanne

My first Book: SA Frogs Bk & Cd Tarrant Jeanne

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Frogs are appealing and colourful creatures. Children may be familiar with stages of the frog’s curious life cycle, and see their eggs or tadpoles in local streams; and everyone has heard their calls.
My first book of Southern African Frogs introduces 55 different types of frog and includes a CD of their calls. A short introduction outlines key features and includes an illustration detailing their life cycle. 
For each species featured, the book provides:
  • A short description in four languages, including key features and habits.
  • A full-colour illustration of the frog and a visual size comparison with a human hand or matchstick.
  • A distribution map, illustration of the type of eggs the frog lays and an indication of each frog’s conservation status.
  • An illustrated habitat bar with an arrow to indicate where each creature is found.
This simple and charming introduction to frogs will keep children happily absorbed for hours. The text in four languages expands the readership and promotes multilingualism.
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