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Unsettled Dust, by Malose Erick Mokgotho

Unsettled Dust, by Malose Erick Mokgotho

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Kedibone has to try hard to think past the horrible nightmares plaguing her mind, in the torture of seeing her dead father in scary dreams. Increasingly, she finds it hard to keep a smile on her face and to continue her happy life with her mother.

Kedibone decides to confront her mother. She needs to understand why she keeps dreaming of a father she has not seen since she was a year old; why she sees her sister she never met? What about the tombstone?

On her deathbed, Kedibone's grandmother reveals that her fater resided in Pretoria City. Despite her mother's denial and attempts to stop her, Kedibone resigns from her job and moves to Pretoria. She feels compelled to look for her father...

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