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Going Wild and Other Stories A Home Language Short Story Anthology for the Intermediate Phase

Going Wild and Other Stories A Home Language Short Story Anthology for the Intermediate Phase

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Going Wild and Other Stories comprises enthralling content selected by the compiler Helen Moffett to captivate and interest readers as they explore and master the use of English as a Home Language in Grades 4–6.

We have chosen every piece to highlight the theme of caring for the environment: starting with ourselves. There’s a spooky treasure hunt with a very weird elephant, scenes from remote villages and bustling cities, lively descriptions of food and the outdoors, letters, fantasy stories and fascinating pieces of history – there’s even a scene from a play.

South Africa’s best-known writers, and some fresh up-and-coming voices, have written new pieces to cultivate curious and world-educated readers. These writers include Lauren Beukes, Qarnita Loxton, Lester Walbrugh, Bontle Senne, Urmila Jithoo, Mpho Phalwane, Fiona Snyckers, Elinor Sisulu, Sally Partridge, Sindiwe Magona, Jamala Safari, Siphiwo Mahala, Thabiso Mofokeng and Helen Moffett, with an introductory poem by Iain Thomas.

Each piece accompanies all the support materials written by Diane Awerbuck needed to make for lively classroom experiences and interaction with the words and illustrations. It contains pre-reading and post-reading questions, and discussions, vocabulary expansion and enrichment activities according to the requirements of the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement for the Intermediate Phase.

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