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My Only Story

My Only Story

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Deon Wiggett's series of sensational podcasts shook South Africa in November 2019, when he revealed the identity of the man who raped him as a schoolboy. Now, in My Only Story, Deon tells the full story of the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of 'Jimmy, ' the once brilliant teacher and later media luminary who led a sinister and predatory double life. Deon's mission to expose his abuser takes him from the perpetrator's high-school years at an agricultural school to his eventual arrest in Hartenbos in the Western Cape. Deon follows the trail from the highly regarded Grey College and Paul Roos Gymnasium to media titan Naspers. In the process, he devises a model that anyone can use to identify pedophiles in their midst. In Deon's own words: "It's nice to pretend that men don't rape children, but once you know what to look for, it becomes surprisingly easy to spot them. Once you match a universal pattern with a specific man's profile, what once was hidden becomes obvious." My Only Story is a riveting account of one man's struggle to overcome childhood trauma, to help others who might face the same ordeal, and to bring his abuser to justice.
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