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Koos Bekker's Billions by T.J. Strydom

Koos Bekker's Billions by T.J. Strydom

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Koos Bekker has amassed one of the largest fortunes ever by a South African. Just how did he do it?
Under Bekker, Naspers made several bad investments, a few mediocre ones, a few good ones … and one that shot the lights out. A modest bet on Chinese technology startup Tencent changed Bekker’s destiny. Was this genius, strategy or just plain old good luck?
In  Koos Bekker’s Billions,  T.J. Strydom delves into Bekker’s life, career and business decisions. He identifies 15 winning strategies, each calculated and effective, that catapulted a Heidelberg  boerseun  into unfathomable wealth. This is a fascinating look into the life of a very private billionaire.
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