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Don't Upset ooMalume!

Don't Upset ooMalume!

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Returning to the family homestead in the Eastern Cape these holidays, and worried that your city ways and less than perfect knowledge of Xhosa culture will get you a wagging finger in the face from oomalume – the uncles? No need to fret, Don’t Upset ooMalume! offers an easy solution. This book, written by Xhosa ambassador and agriculturalist Hombakazi Mercy Nqandeka, aims to capture the essence of Xhosa heritage and culture and explores the many unique characteristics of village life.

It covers a range of topics, from basic greetings and major Xhosa life ceremonies to traditional clothing, what to expect in and around the rondavel and Xhosa cuisine. Mercy interweaves her descriptions of Xhosa culture with references to her childhood and lessons taught to her by her grandmother and mother, who was the inspiration for this book.

She also identifies edible forage and medicinal plants and even shares recipes for how these plants can be used. Furthermore, Mercy shares stories about the central role nature and different animals hold in Xhosa culture. The book was born from the author’s concern that knowledge of Xhosa heritage and culture will be lost to future generations.

In writing this book, she hopes to help reconnect Xhosa people to their roots.
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