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Jonathan Ball

External Mission: The ANC in Exile

External Mission: The ANC in Exile

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After the ANC was banned by the apartheid government in 1960, many of its leaders and members were forced to leave the country. During the next three decades, it had to operate in exile and underground. Yet the real history of this period remains shrouded in mystery. Some events, such as the Rhodesian campaign of 1967-1968 and the Kabwe conference of 1985, are well known, but lesser known are the intense factional struggles within the organisation, recurring pro-democracy protests and the creation of a security apparatus that inspired widespread fear. Some networks within the exiled ANC became heavily involved in corruption, even colluding with elements of the apartheid security police and secret services. External Mission aims to provide a full account of the ANC's years in exile, penetrating the secrecy the organisation erected around itself and testing the myths that emerged from that period. It is based on an exceptionally wide range of sources, including the ANC's own archives and foreign archives such as those in East Germany, where the movement's security personnel were trained. Incisive and revealing, External Mission is key to understanding South Africa today.
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