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Hot, Flat, and Crowded, by Thomas L. Friedman

Hot, Flat, and Crowded, by Thomas L. Friedman

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In this brilliant, essential book, Pulitzer Prize-winningí«ÌÎ_author Thomas L. Friedman speaks to America's urgent need for national renewal and explains how a green revolution can bring about both a sustainable environment and a sustainable America.í«ÌÎ_

Friedman explains how global warming, rapidly growing populations, and the expansion of the world's middle class through globalization have produced a dangerously unstable planet--one that is "hot, flat, and crowded."í«ÌÎ_ In thisí«ÌÎ_Release 2.0í«ÌÎ_edition, he also shows how the very habits that led us to ravage the natural world led to the meltdown of the financial markets and the Great Recession.í«ÌÎ_ The challenge of a sustainable way of life presents the United States with an opportunity not only to rebuild its economy, but to lead the world in radically innovating toward cleaner energy.í«ÌÎ_ And it could inspire Americans to something we haven't seen in a long time--nation-building in America--by summoning the intelligence, creativity, and concern for the common good that are our greatest national resources.í«ÌÎ_

Title: Hot, Flat, and Crowded - Why the World Needs a Green Revolution, and How We Can Renew Our Global Future

Author: Thomas L. Friedman

Publisher: The Penguin Group

Hardback, 438pp

ISBN: 9781846141294

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