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Zuma Exposed, by Adriaan Basson (used)

Zuma Exposed, by Adriaan Basson (used)

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Zuma Exposed is the book Jacob Zuma does not want you to read.

From Schabir Shaik to The Spear, Jacob Zuma has been at the centre of controversy both before and after he became South Africa's citizen number one. As president, he has seemingly lurched from one bad decision to another. This explosive, roller-coaster account traces the unravelling of a likeable but deeply flawed leader who came to power as victim, not visionary.

How did Zuma wriggle out of corruption charges to become presidents of the ANC and South Africa? Who provided him with the secret spy tapes that got him off the hook? And why did he appoint so many dubious characters to run key state institutions? 

As Zuma desperately tries to cling to power, award-winning journalist Adriaan Basson answers these and other questions in this gripping look at the president's dark side.

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