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Witness 52 Years of Pointing Lenses at Life Jurgen Schadeberg

Witness 52 Years of Pointing Lenses at Life Jurgen Schadeberg

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When a young, naively confident Jurgen Schadeberg first arrived at The Star news offices in Johannesburg with a Leica strung over his shoulder, he was informed by the paper's chief photographer that he would not last long in the industry with such a tiny camera. Never before was the voice of professional prophecy proven so wrong. In a career spanning over half a century, Schadeberg has come to represent much more than the prototype of the visual storyteller. He epitomizes the very best in photojournalism - a photographer with an uncanny sense of timing - momentarily and historically. He possesses an instinctive, idiosyncratic way of seeing, coupled with a rigorous sense of organization. These attributes are combined with an astute insight into the human condition. He occupies nothing less than legendary status among contemporary photojournalists. This timely publication presents an overview of Schadeberg's impressive collection. Included are photographs in a distinct South African context, juxtaposed with timeless images of an international nature. The seminal works are represented, together with photographs published never before.
Publisher: Protea Book House
Published date: 2004
Page count: 143
Dimensions: Height:21.00 cm
Thickness:1.50 cm
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