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Eyes in the Night: An Untold Zulu Story by Nomavenda Mathiane

Eyes in the Night: An Untold Zulu Story by Nomavenda Mathiane

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Nomavenda Mathiane stumbled upon her grandmother's story well over a century after the gruelling events of the Battle of Isandlwana that formed her life. Astounded to hear how her grandmother had survived the 1879 Anglo-Zulu War between the British and Zulu nations as a young girl, Mathiane spent hours with her elder sisters reconstructing the extraordinary life of their grandmother. The result is a sweeping epic of both personal and political battles.̴Ì_Eyes in the Nightis a young Zulu woman's story of drama, regret, guilt and, ultimately, triumph set against the backdrop of a Zululand changed beyond recognition. A true story almost lost, but for a chance remark at a family gathering.

Author Nomavenda Mathiane
ISBN 9781928257240
Format Paperback
Pages 265p.

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