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Life Interrupted: A Bipolar Memoir, by Samantha Smirin

Life Interrupted: A Bipolar Memoir, by Samantha Smirin

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In 1988, at the age of 18, Samantha Smirin is diagnosed with Bipolar Affective Mood Disorder 1. Within an hour she is sent blindfolded, without an explanation, and checked into a mental health institution.

Samantha is stamped with a 'bipolar' label that becomes the trajectory for her tortured existence. For the next three decades, she will wind through a maze of anguished suffering, accompanied by memory-effacing medical interventions, heaps of pills and enticingly repellent hallucinations. She yo-yos between acceptance and denial of her diagnosis. Time and time again believing she is well, she plummets into the devastating chasm of her illness.

Through a series of enlightening encounters and hard-fought-for realisations, she finally manages to transform herself. Acceptance finds its breath, and so does she. Today Samantha lives an inspiring life reclaimed.

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