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CSM Simphiwe Ntuli

The Affirmations, by Pastor Simphiwe Ntuli

The Affirmations, by Pastor Simphiwe Ntuli

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In this book, one’s uniqueness in the Lord’s heart is confirmed and demonstrated to be highly treasured. The whole book is about the reader and how his or her life is put first. There are full details of true appearances of God: His voice, His garments, His works, His glory and more. The why, the how and many other unanswered questions are all clinically answered here. The author shares the deep realities and true practical moments of when God spoke to him, when He showed him the heavens and what lay inside. He writes of when God physically revealed and led him to places where man has never been. In THE AFFIRMATIONS there is feast of fruitful knowledge, true writings, as well as a maturity and growth in belief that will strengthen one’s faith which leads to it skyrocketing. God is the rewarder of faith and none can please God without it. Be set free from all the confusion, lies and fear intending to rob you of experiencing totally flawless joy. These breaking messages straight from God to all mankind today and His previous lessons refreshed. Be careful therefore and don’t be left behind. The reader can find in this text the keys to his or her prosperity, perfect health and success in all levels of life.Fulfilments and fresh anointing should always be rightly positioned in one’s blessings. Eternity awaits, fear not and journey with us in Him, God the Creator of the heavens and the earth, Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.As part of God preparing His servant, by His grace, the author was made a Scholar in Theology.
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