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Silly Sam's Robotic Teacher by Zainab Pandor

Silly Sam's Robotic Teacher by Zainab Pandor

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An easy to read young fiction, for children who are looking for an enjoyable read. An uncomplicated story which pushes the boundary with content that will grab the attention of even the most reluctant reader. Ms Saya is the weirdest teacher Sam has ever had. Although his friends are enjoying the new teacher's cool attitude, her strange behaviour bothers Sam. He can pinch and kick the girls all he wants but she wouldn't say a thing. Sam tells his parents and friends that she is behaving like a robot but no-one believes him. His friends are having too much of a good time to be bothered and Mum and Dad just think he's being silly. Sam has to spur into action to prove that Ms Saya really is a robot. He won't rest until his plan is in action. Perhaps it is the only way to prove it. Will his plan work or is he just going to get into trouble? Nothing can stop Sam from creating havoc.

About the author
Zainab Pandor, a writer for many years, has experience in all kinds of writing from press releases to investigative articles. Born and raised in Zambia, she attended International School of Lusaka and earned her diploma in creative writing and a certificate in copywriting and proof reading/copyediting from The Writers Bureau Manchester. She has also achieved a certificate in graphic designing form UCT (University of Cape Town). Her work has been published in the local newspapers, Times of Zambia, Daily Mail and The Post. She has written for a number of magazines that include Zambia Analysis, Australia's Natural Health, Nkhani, Genuine Gems, Bulletin & Record, Beauty and Bliss. She is now the senior marketing executive and writer for The Zambian Farmer Magazine published by ZNFU (Zambia National Farmers Union).

Author Zainab Pandor
ISBN 1530058538, 9781530058532
Format Paperback
Pages 32p.
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