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ABT Kagiso Madibana

Tales from the Heart of Botswana: Baareng's Journey by Kagiso Madibana

Tales from the Heart of Botswana: Baareng's Journey by Kagiso Madibana

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In this short yet mind-gripping novel Kagiso Madibana takes us on a journey of a young boy, Baareng from a small town of Bobonong. Baareng and his little brother Pule are faced with many tragedies, firstly the death of their mother and later on their father.

Baareng is now trapped in an abusive household, his stepmother infringing his basic right of education and breaking the little boy down bit by bit by instilling in him that he would not amount to anything.

This book takes the reader on an emotional rollercoaster, helpless Baareng comes across individuals who are willing to help him fulfil his dreams. He meets people who believe in him and his dreams and also see the light that he carries within him. 
Madibana tries to show the reader that one should not lose hope in humanity as this book will help you realise that there are still good people in the world.

Author: Kagiso Madibana

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Tales from the heart of Botswana: Baareng’s journey

Tales from the heart of Botswana: Baareng’s journey is a novelistic debut by the Botswana writer, Kagiso Madibana. Through this novel, Madibana introduces us to the life of Baareng, a ten year old boy who is intelligent and has passion for being learned. He experiences the brutality if his stepmother who denies him this opportunity.

What is striking about the young lad’s character is his ability to be sympathetic; he is caring and loving despite his own misfortunes. Baareng has an optimistic spirit, never complains and is ever obedient. Raised by his late mother to believe that education is key to his liberation, he finds himself having to make plans to survive and make it against all odds. Baareng becomes truly hopeful for a better future. Eventually, he gets sponsors for his life and he leads the life he ever desired and more.

Kagiso Madibana through Tales from the heart of Botswana: Baareng’s journey, smartly examines topics of loss and separation, poverty, favoritism, gratitude, culture, love, education and opportunity. Despite this book being such a short read, 74 paged and 17 chapters, you will be moved and might just shed a tear. I call it a classic tale of rags to riches but with a twist. It is humbling and worth the read.

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