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100 Great African Kings and Queens VOLUME 2 by Pusch Komiete Commey

100 Great African Kings and Queens VOLUME 2 by Pusch Komiete Commey

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Volume Two of 100 Great African Kings and Queens continues the journey of another ten magnificent monarchs in African history. The phenomenal success of Volume One and its revised enriched edition made Volume Two urgent. These chronicles will eventually cover the promised One Hundred Kings and Queens, and in the event capture a significant portrait of Real African History.

In this edition the opening salvo is the inimitable Hatshesput, one of the greatest builders in all of history. Her construction work in the Nile Valley still stands as a monumental testimony of the African genius, and a benchmark of beautiful architecture.

Then there are the freedom fighters and Warrior Queens: Dahia Al Kahina of North Africa and the indomitable Ranavalona 1 of Madagascar. Her ferocity in defence of independence was such that her colonial adversaries dubbed her The Mad Queen of Madagascar.

There are also the unsung military exploits of the formidable Sekhukhune of South Africa, and a certain Mad Mullah, Mohammed Abdulle Hassan. He demolished his enemies and wrote exquisite poetry to document his glittering victories, and thus became the father of the Somali nation.

These delightful historical narratives will keep you on the edge of your seat for its sheer power of revelation.


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