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Flat/White: The Strange Case of a New Immigrant in an Old Building and Things Going Badly

When Pretoria boy Ted Botha moved to New York City, he wasn't so much an immigrant as someone on the make -- a travelling South African looking to broaden his horizons. In no time he'd lied his way into a job in the New York magazine industry. Then he stumbled upon an old dilapidated building in Harlem and moved in. Several blocks away, flats were selling for $1 million and more, yet he'd found one he could afford. What seemed like a fantastic opportunity, however, quickly descended into a world of chaos, lies, suspicion, drug dealing, police raids and death threats. Behind much of it slithered that terrible beast Botha thought he had left behind in South Africa, race. And the worse things got in the New World, the more Botha thought of the world he had left behind, Africa. Could he ever reconcile the two and survive the anarchy rampant in his old building? In equal parts memoir, comedy and tragedy -- not to mention a travelogue/travelog (with some detours into American spelling along the way) -- Flat/White brings to life a cast of characters that you won't soon forget, in a story you won't actually believe is true. But it is.

Author Ted Botha
ISBN 0987043773, 9780987043771
Format Paperback
Pages 284p.

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