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Bare IV: Mercy, by Jackie Phamotse

Bare IV: Mercy, by Jackie Phamotse

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Look closely around you. Have you ever asked yourself what happens to all the girls who are in the system?
Girls that are orphans…
The boys…
The mothers in shelters…
All the battered women…
The downfall of the most powerful…
How the agenda began…
I’m leaving the agenda BARE for those who seek to find it.
I have a story for you.
No mercy…
Back like I never left!
The savage, senseless murders of children and the youth. It carries Treasure’s story from Book 1 and ends with the fight for life between Paul and Tim Morgan. We look at the disappearance of young people, human trafficking, cults and mental illness in men. This story is inspired by real-life events and researched data from global social ills and Jackie looks into SA political faces that have sex scandals as part of her research.

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