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Bare V: Curtain Call, by Jackie Phamotse

Bare V: Curtain Call, by Jackie Phamotse

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Those who live on the surface desire what the darkness offers. In tough times, crime is the only thing that soothes their souls. It is the South Africa you choose not to see.

 The constitution forms the backbone of the South African democracy, yet the youth bleed for it. What does South Africa truly have when its children are traded for a good time and tenders? It is an accurate reflection of the social decay under the leadership of President Cyril Ramaphosa. Are your children safe in this trauma-infested country?

Daphne Morgan's death results in two worlds colliding: Gibson Kente demands nothing more than respect for the bloodshed, while Tim Morgan seeks his mother. Treasure is caught in the crossfire of hell and fury. She desires freedom, but Tim Morgan's business is blissful pleasure, camouflaged by revenge. Will Rita Thomas provide the answers to Treasure's prayers?

If you had a choice to worship two gods, would you sell your soul for money or freedom?

Will this curtain call be Treasure's last?

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